04-01-15 Minor fix, documentation

xmerge failed to redraw after window size change on some systems, fixed.
Minor documentation changes.

03-11-12 Initial public release

xmerge now works ok for me, on a fairly standard slackware installation (i386) the user interface is probably quite unintuitive, but I hope that the avalible documentation (the README file), is sufficient for using the program.
A major limitation is that it was written for merging scanned printed images, merging photographs will ofcourse work too, but there are more optimal ways to apply the stretching.
Many operations are rather slow, expecially creation of the final image (this can take several minutes for large images with large overlapping areas used).
(The entire user interface is probaly painfully slow on slower computers, too.)

For more information, please read the README file.

Please send me any comments on how xmerge or the documentation can be improved.
Before requesting improvements, please check the to-do list in the main.c file.
Holding your breath while waiting for something to be implemented (if I like the idea at all), is probably not a good idea.

Download xmerge
The current source distribution can be found here

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